In Maschinenverkauf
Manufacture        :    KBA / Germany
Type            :    RA72 – 4 + L ALV1 SAPC
Year            :    1999
Machine number    :    351 556
Counter                :    ca. 90.000.000 (08-2017)
Paper format max.    :    520mm x 720mm
Field of application    :    100g/m2 – 0.8mm

With        :

–       1x feeder
–    4x printing units
–    1x coater
–    1xdelivery extension
–    1x delivery with dryer and powder sprayer with Weko T77
–    SAPC, semi automatic plate change
–    dampening system VARIDAMP
–    blanket and roller washing device
–       1x COLORTRONIC, control centre
–    IR and hot air dryer
–       varnish supply and cleaning system

Machine produced until end of August 2017for a high quality printer. Printer bought a KBA RA74 from us.
Machine is without any damage on cylinders and gears.
Our engineers (ex-members of KBA) dismantled the press after test print.

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